“Redefining Serendipity” is a reflection of the psychological and emotional borders of one’s place of belonging according to different historical contexts and people’s/groups’ experiences and memories. This interpretive process or the process of change will remain always in a situation of flux leaving a certain anxiety or unrest.

Is this process of “healing and reconciliation” happening hand in hand with the development changes we are so exuberantly celebrating? Or, are the developments a physical and lasting monument to the powers that be that brought about the end to the age old war?

The Fireflies Artists’ Network emerged through the Women Artists’ Colloquium (WAC) which was started by Theertha as a program that encourages female artists to actively engage in their art practice. The core group comprises of artists from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Ireland and USA respectively.

Its objectives are to expand, network and share knowledge with women artists to grow beyond their own geographical and cultural borders in order to expand their artistic experience and expressions by opening up of opportunities to connect with the outside art world.