Thomas Pritchard is an international dance and theatre performer, a facilitator of multi-disciplinary improvisation and a writer. Informed by his improvisation research, On The Stage Of The Present, he specializes in working with text in physical performance, and collaborating across art forms.

His training includes a BA in Dance Theatre from Trinity LABAN, London, a Diploma in Contemporary Dance from the Scottish Dance Theatre, and an MA in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School. Pritchard is the director of a multi-disciplinary performance improvisation research project which receives support from The Workroom, Dance House and The Arches, Glasgow; Dance Base, Edinburgh; City Moves, Aberdeen; The Bike Shed, Exeter; and Creative Scotland.

Pritchard’s performance work spans a wide spectrum including Polish laboratory theatre, live art, dance theatre and integrated work with disability. Choreographically, his work is focused on using improvisation training to direct individuals and groups towards expanding their own movement vocabularies, drawing out of them their histories.