Renowned for his site-specific work using sound to subtly alter our experience of architecture, public space and performance, Thor McIntyre-Burnie has been working for over 15 years as both an artist and a sound designer.

Whilst sound is a major tool, his artwork is usually physical and mixed media—it is what arises out of the interplay between invisible sound and tangible materials that really fascinates him. He creates environments to walk within, where our movements and navigations effect how we perceive the work, and these in turn effect our relationship with a place and a medium.

An early instigator of sound as a tool for site-specific public art, Thor has been “quietly” pushing the boundaries of audio arts in the tree’s, streets, parks, bandstands, lighthouses and pockets of our towns and cities ever since.

Thor is currently the creative director of two arts organizations, the Aswarm and Stream Arts, both located in the UK. He lectures on sound design and performance at a number of schools in the UK and Germany.