“Time for Reflection” is a series of four multi-coloured wooduct and mixed media prints epitomizing the increasingly fast paced style of contemporary living. This piece attempts to portray the dichotomy of speed and deadline dictated activity v/s the need to be one-self. In the race to accumulate things and titles, most of us choose a way of life, a pace of life which leave very little time and even inclination to reflect upon the probability that we may be drifting away from our true selves. “Time for Reflection” reflects the the true me, the true us, without any need to be something else, for social or whatever reason.

Vaidehi Raja was born in Jaffna in 1969 and holds a diploma in Drawing and Painting from the Kalamandir School of Arts in Bangalore and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Graphic Art and Print Making from the College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore. She has participated in various exhibitions in South Asia, including Colombo, Vienna and Bangalore. Her present works seek to reflect upon questions of preserving one’s self amidst contemporary urban living.