“Neo Monster” is a structure of an Earth Mover but represented as a toy. Machines are used all over as toys. This metaphor is used to convey the constant changing environment, the loss of natural resources, at the cost of proliferating production to feed the hunger of a growing consumer society. It depicts the deconstructing of an already constructed environment rather than reconstructing the same. If such maddening over production is continued to feed the greed of the consumer world, the green would be replaced by grey, the forests would transform into jungles of concrete. It addresses the changing processes.

Vibha received her B.F.A from the Government College of Arts, Chandigarh and Masters from Kala-Bhavan, Santiniketan, India. She is been awarded with Inlaks Foundation Award, HRD National Scholarship, Artist Under 30Yr Award, Chandigarh State Lalit Kala Academy award and number of residencies, solo shows and group shows in India and abroad. She attempts to cognize the vital currents that are causative of change around us by persistently depicting interventions that focus on the meta-dynamic of change.