Zweintopf was founded by Eva Pichler, with a background in art history and exhibition design, and former architect Gerhard Pichler as an artist duo in 2006 in Graz, Austria, and exhibits both in classical exhibition settings and in public spaces. Since teaming up together and moving beyond their original fields, zweintopf has won acclaim in Austria and beyond for playful and humorous installations that convey sly social commentary on modern European life.

Alongside site-specific installations, objects and videos, their work develops ideas and realises them as art in public spaces or in the form of unannounced interventions in the public sphere. Seeking to transcend specific traditional fields of study (art, art history, architecture and philosophy), the Pichlers engage with everyday phenomena and trivial material derived from mass-produced “found” objects, which form the foundations of the artistic endeavours, adaptation and reinterpretation undertaken by Zweintopf in their work.