4th Edition

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The theme for CAB 2016 is ‘Conceiving Space.’
As an artistic provocation ‘Conceiving Space’ seeks to open up a paradigm of seeing and possibilities for creative production that engage with explorations and contestations that revolve around diverse senses of space. ‘Conceiving Space’ seeks to reimagine the traditional ‘spatial’ in relation to concept, boundaries and engagement; it demands a foray into space as public and private; space as protest; space as tangible and imagined; space as community, memory and legacy; space as architectural, conceptual, performative, temporal, spiritual, symbolic, intuitive and rhythmic; space as liminal and ritualistic; space as embodied and meditative; space as virtual and transcendent.

Community Engagement
To artistically conceive space – as material environment, historical experience, lived reality, or a sense of place – demands creative interrogation and imagination. It demands multiplicity in perspective and approach and seeks to ask questions of form, seeking to explore the breadth of artistic medium that can be engaged with as a provocation about what constitutes art for artists and art communities. The CAB 2016 will be prioritizing a strong programme based on community engagement and educational programmes.

CAB is now closed, and what a journey it has been.
Thank you to all our artists, sponsors, patrons of the arts, supporters, well-wishers, team, volunteers and of course, you, CAB-goers!

We could not have been more lucky to have you all join us in making this a success,

Wishing you all a peaceful and merry holiday!

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    The Colombo Art Biennale is now the largest contemporary art manifestation in Sri Lanka. It was initiated and continues to showcase the most progressive contemporary Sri Lankan artists, and to build a platform upon which talented Sri Lankan artists would gain recognition both nationally and internationally. There are many different ways you or your business can support our work.

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